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Proper tire treads are essential to maintaining your vehicle’s performance and keeping you in control, even on dry pavement. Tire treads wear naturally, but sometimes they wear unevenly, and it’s important to look out for signs of uneven wear: weather conditions, personal driving style, and the terrain around Shiloh. To minimize excessive wear on your tires you should maintain proper tire pressure and perform regular tire alignments. Learn more about tires with Auffenberg CDJR, then check out our service specials and contact us with your specific questions.

Tire Tread Wear: Why Does it Matter?

Tires are designed to hug the road and give you maximum control during all kinds of driving conditions. Whether you’re dealing with snow, hail, or going off-roading near Belleville, your tires need consistent contact with the road to keep you steady.

When your tire tread gets shallow or uneven, you start losing traction, and that can make driving on wet or bumpy roads around Smithton more dangerous.

Car Tire on Snow

Causes of Uneven Tire Wear

As we mentioned above, there are a lot of ways tires can wear unevenly, below are the two more common causes of uneven tire wear, and the things you can do to avoid it:

Improper Tire Pressure

Keeping your tires properly inflated helps with easy acceleration, braking, and turning. It also optimizes weight distribution. When tires are over or under inflated, they have to work harder to perform, which causes additional wear and tear. You might notice your tires are uneven if your ride feels less comfortable or unsteady. Your vehicle’s exact tire pressure recommendations are typically listed in both your owner’s manual and printed on the tires themselves.


Another cause of uneven tire tread wear is having your tires out of alignment. Tire alignment is a routine maintenance recommendation that makes a big difference in vehicle performance. When tires are out of alignment, your steering and suspension components may deteriorate faster. Several things can cause tire misalignments, such as hitting a curb, pothole, or other bumps along Smithton streets.

Auffenberg CDJR is Your Shiloh Tire Headquarters

Now that we’ve answered “What causes tires to wear unevenly?”, visit us at Auffenberg CDJR for all of your tires needs. Need new tires for your Jeep, or maybe a tire rotation on your RAM? We’re here for you. Call our service department, or schedule service online. Whatever your needs, Auffenberg CDJR is at your service.

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