Why Does My Jeep Shake When I Brake?

Foot on Brake Pedal

It’s more than a little disconcerting when you’re driving on a busy Shiloh street, hit your brakes, and your Jeep starts shaking. No one wants a vehicle that shakes, rattles, and rolls. There are a number of reasons why your Jeep shakes when you brake, and some of them can be signs of serious trouble. Let the service department at Auffenberg CDJR fill you in on why your Jeep shakes when you brake. And with our service specials and parts coupons, we make it easy to afford both routine and unexpected auto work!

Why Your Brake Rotors Can Make Your Jeep Shake When You Brake

Faulty brake rotors are the main culprit when a car, truck, or SUV shakes when braking. Ideally, brake rotors work with your brake pads to stop your wheels from spinning. But as rotors get older, they get thinner from wear and tear, and they can become damaged. Heat from braking can even cause the rotors to warp and the brake pads to subsequently slip, creating a quivering sensation at high speeds in the pedals. If you ride the brake or slam on the brakes a lot, you’re going to wear them out faster.

This is a big brake problem that should be fixed immediately to keep you safe on Smithton roads! Brake rotors should be replaced within the first 70,000 miles of your vehicle’s life—check your owner’s manual for the suggested mileage for your vehicle. Driving styles and conditions may require that you get new brake rotors sooner.

Your brake pads can be the root of the problem, too. This small part makes direct contact with the rotor when you hit the brakes, and the friction wears them out. You should replace your brakes pads before they cause your Jeep to shake when you brake. You’ll likely hear a squeaking noise when your brake pads are wearing out.

Mechanic Changing Brake ROtors

Do Your Tires Make Your Jeep Shake When You Brake?

If your tires are out of alignment, have uneven tread wear, or even just a bit cold, your suspension will have to work harder to keep everything balanced. This creates a situation where hitting a bump, pothole, or curb in East St. Louis could alter your alignment. If your steering wheel shakes or is hard to turn, tire alignment could be the issue. Tire alignment should be checked every 5,000 miles, and always after a tire rotation or tire balancing.

Steering and Suspension Components That Can Make Your Jeep Shake

If your vehicle is shaking during times you’re not braking, these might be the culprits. Even a damaged axle shaft can cause a car to shake more when coming to a stop. The suspension system is often assessed during a tire rotation. Consult your owner’s manual to see how often your suspension system needs to be looked at by a certified technician in Shiloh.

Check for Recalls

If your Jeep shakes when you brake, or your Jeep Compass engine light is flashing and you don’t know why contact us to see if there are any recalls on your Jeep. While you should be notified of any recalls, sometimes they slip through the cracks. Get in touch and, if your Jeep shakes when you brake because of a recalled component, we’ll repair it free of charge.

Why Does My Jeep Shake When I Brake?

Now that you know the reasons why your Jeep might shake when you brake, have a certified Jeep technician take a look. Schedule an appointment today, or contact us with any questions, like why your Jeep Compass check engine light is flashing and more. Check out our service tips and parts tips for even more maintenance information!

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